Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Are Illegible, Handwritten Notes Wasting Time in your Care Home?

It seems such a silly thing but is bad handwriting or poor use of written grammar causing issues in your care home? If like in a great many care homes, a proportion of your care workers are from outside of the UK or are from the lower skilled spectrum this can be a real problem especially when you throw in issues with language barriers.

Using CMS Touch or the CMS Tablet eradicates these issues allowing for greater productivity of your care workforce, freeing up their time to focus more on residents. CMS Touch and Tablet have both been designed to be used ‘on the go’ with the Touch designed to be a fixed to a central workstation and the Tablet carried by the user.

CMS, the Care Management System from Ablyss allows your workforce to fill in pre-set records or templates at the touch of a button and the information collected is then combined to produce professional records and reports.

Before we used CMS the average shift for a care support worker was 12 hours costing the business around £100. Of that 12 hours, on average, 8 hours was spent giving resident support with 4 hours being spent on paperwork. Now with CMS, that 12 hour shift costs the business the same in cash terms but now 10 hours are spent giving resident support with just 2 hours on record keeping. What would relatives prefer to see, more time spent with their loved ones or a professional report? The beauty of CMS is that we can offer both”- Elizabeth and Roberta House, Canterbury 

Another great advantage of CMS Tablet is that (as far as we are aware), it is the only portable care management system that has been designed to work offline.  We’re very aware of problems with connectivity and Wi-Fi in care homes as there are such a host of building types in use. CMS Tablet allows you to input your information in the normal way and simply resynchronises the data when the device is brought back into range.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Five More Homes to Benefit from CMS

Welcome to all of our new CMS users from the last month.

Hambleton Court in Yorkshire, Hannah Levy House in Bournemouth, K Lodge in Rushden, Norton Manor in Worcester and Erwhir Care Home in Carmarthen have all come on board with CMS and will now be taking steps to integrate the system into the daily running of their homes.

The homes offer a wide range of care services and the implementation of CMS will without doubt bring added benefits to the daily management of these homes. Check our case study section if you want to learn more about how you can implement CMS in your home and the benefits it can offer your residents, your staff and the general day to day running of your care residence.