Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Person Centred Care made Easy with Ablyss CMS

Person – centred care planning, one of the buzzwords of the care industry, but what does it mean and how can care homes incorporate it?

In a nutshell, person-centred care planning encourages patients and residents to be more involved with planning and developing their own care plans to ensure that it is appropriate for their needs. It allows the patient and their family to really be at the heart of all decisions made with regards to the care of a resident.
Because Ablyss CMS has been developed specifically for the care sector, person centred care planning can be quickly and easily incorporated into your daily Care Plans. We’ve developed the system so it comes with a bank of fully customisable templates  and  wizards which allow the care worker together with their resident to create a daily care plan that really puts the resident’s wishes at the heart of everything. This in essence, is what is meant with person centred care.
Care workers using Ablyss CMS Touch or the Ablyss CMS Tablet can quickly and easily select from a range of touch screen options and wizards which can be pre-agreed with your resident ensuring that their wishes are being met.
Ablyss CMS offers a range of cost effective products, CMS Desktop, CMS Touch and CMS Tablet each designed to give the end user complete flexibility and it can be used in a large range of care home environments including nursing care, supported living and learning difficulties.
We are so confident that you’ll find CMS invaluable to your residence that we offer a free 30 day trial of CMS which you can arrange from our website at  Why not give it a try?