Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Although CMS is incredibly easy to use sometimes language barriers or poor typing skills can result in entries taking longer to type than it would do to write the information down.  That's why we developed CMS Touch and CMS Tablet , both innovative additions designed to complement the main CMS system.

CMS Touch and CMS Tablet have been designed specifically with care assistants in mind to simplify and speed up the time it takes to record ongoing daily care notes.  Built in templates gently guide the user through common routines such as getting up and dressed, eating patterns and night checks.  As every home is different you can add your own templates or adapt the ones that are provided.

CMS Touch works particularly well when the computer is in a fixed location either on a work top or fixed to the wall.

CMS Tablet has the huge advantage of giving the carer a portable device allowing it to be carried on their person rather than being at a fixed point.  Perhaps even more importantly though, is the fact that the tablet can work offline. This means the carer can view and record data without being directly connected to the database.  This will make a big difference to homes where networking infrastructure is limited.  Once the tablet comes back into network range, the data will be updated to the main database.

CMS Touch has always been a popular product because of the amount of time it saves when it comes to recording daily care notes, so we decided to redesign CMS Touch and make it compatible with Android enabled devices.

CMS Tablet - The portable Device for the recording of daily care notes

CMS Tablet - The portable Device for the recording of daily care notes

CMS Touch. For a fixed point location

CMS Touch. For a fixed point location

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Ablyss Team had to be reminded it was the Care Road Show not a day for a flutter on the horses.  A great location for the show and a very busy morning for Sonia and Sally. 
Both found it rewarding to hear so many complimentary comments about Ablyss CMS.  With lots of interest in seeing how the system works and recommendations from one residential home to another, it was an enjoyable day.
A thank you to all those who visited us, and their friendly chat and comments.


As a registered care provider, it is so important that you have the right tools to hand so that you can quickly record data and then ultimately assess how your residents' needs have changed over time. This way you can easily not only evidence your care but also adapt it to your residents' changing needs.

The chart is taken from a report generated by our Care Management System, Ablyss CMS.  The chart shows a resident’s MUST (Malnutrition Screening Tool) history.  The table clearly shows the date of the assessment and the member of staff that performed it.  It also shows graphically how the resident’s risk level has changed since admission to become Low Risk, an excellent achievement.
The MUST is a well-recognised industry standard assessment tool that care homes use throughout the country.  There are however a myriad of assessment tools available.  Some of these may be a personal choice, some may be preferred by your local council and others enforced by your head office.  One of the defining features of Ablyss CMS is its flexibility to suit your needs.  You can pick and choose from a number of built in assessments like Waterlow, Client Moving and Handling, Falls, Continence, ABC Charts and mental health assessments or you can simply design your own.
What do other people say?

   “I was generally happy with the processes set up in Ablyss CMS but some were just too generic for our needs.  Being able to customise the system ourselves was a huge advantage and kept the costs at a much more affordable level”  
Owner of Coombe Dingle Nursing home in Surrey
“The system is great, we love the fact that we have our own risk assessments and get things changed so quickly and easily with Ablyss CMS”
Head of Care, Excel Care Holding Group
If you have been thinking recently about changing the way you record your information, why not give us a call to arrange a free trial or a demonstration.