Monday, 11 January 2016

The 12 reasons to buy Ablyss CMS - January

The Free Trial

Changing the way you store and record your home’s information is a daunting prospect in itself, but when thinking of the initial costs involved too it becomes a large decision to make, and not one that can be undertaken lightly.

Ablyss CMS prides itself on being affordable and user friendly, but you can’t just take our word for that. This is why we are happy to visit you to give you an initial demonstration in your home, as well as offering you the chance to try it out for yourself. The FREE trial version provides full functionality for a total of 30 days. It is provided with a live database for you to enter your own information along with a training database which gives you an excellent feel for how the system will operate once you have entered your own data. In addition to this, the software also comes with a number of video tutorials and an on-screen help manual, so you can really test it and find out the benefits for YOU!

Who doesn't welcome a freebie at this time of year.