Tuesday, 9 February 2016

12 Reasons to Buy CMS - February

 Offers person centred care approach.

It is the phrase that’s been buzzing around the care industry for years now: “Person Centred Care”. What is it? What isn’t it? Because of its definition there is no standard answer to any of these questions. The best way to sum it up is probably to think of it as a relationship in which health care professionals and service users work together to understand what is important to the person; make decisions about their care and treatment; and to identify and achieve their goals.

There are many care planning systems out there that claim to take the hassle out of care planning by completing a simple assessment which will automatically create a full care package. This is not the person centred approach. The only way to truly ensure your care plans are person centred is to write them yourself but this is a time consuming exercise we are all keen to try and avoid. At Ablyss Systems we believe that we have cracked this dilemma.

Ablyss CMS enables you to perform the assessments you, as a care professional, feel are relevant. We also provide you with a number of Care Plan category templates, which are fully customisable, to help take away the bulk of your writing. Users are guided through a series of general conditions, objectives and actions. The plan can be written in the first person, or the 3rd person using the service users preferred “known as” name and all can be individually personalised to make them relevant right down to the finest detail.

A similar approach is taken when a carer records daily notes. . Built in templates, all of which can be personalised, gently guide the user through common routines such as getting up and dressed, eating patterns and night checks. 

Our easy to use, but person centred approach has seen a number of our existing customers achieve good, and outstanding CQC inspection ratings. Something we are all very proud of indeed.

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