Monday, 7 March 2016

Mae antur eira yn Wrecsam!! (...or a snowy adventure in Wrexham)

Last week I spent a lovely 2 days with new sign-ups Trewythen Hall in Wrexham. The Owner and Manager were a little nervous of the change in systems and so decided to opt for our Gold support package. This meant that I got to spend 2 whole days with Sue, Dawn and the team, customising the system, and training the staff to use CMS.

It was a lovely couple of days! A bit snowy but a pleasure to spend my time with such kind and welcoming people. The area around the home itself is a stunning piece of countryside, big valleys, meandering rivers and snow topped hills. It almost made it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand!

This is the first time I have done 2 days training together at a home and whereas I found it lovely to be in comfortable surroundings, with people I had gotten to know and like, it did make it a bit sad when I reached the end of day 2 and had to say goodbye. Despite those feelings, it was great to leave knowing that everyone was really to grips with the system and were confident to get going.