Monday, 4 April 2016

12 Reasons to buy CMS April – Reminders.

When operating a paper-based care planning system, it is very easy to overlook one, or even many, reminders whether they be for care plan evaluations, accident / incident follow ups or assessments reviews and that’s just your resident’s reminders! For the employees there are DBS checks, supervisions, training renewal the lists go on.

One of the key benefits of Ablyss CMS is its ability to ensure that ALL reviews and reminders do not go un-noticed and, more importantly, un-actioned. Reminders show in multiple diaries (the individual residents, the keyworkers and the home diary) as well as showing in a prominent position on the shift handover page.

Reviews which are due today will show in the Green box:

If any of these are not dealt with, and a new review date set, they will move into the Red reminders box and will remain here until they are dealt with:

There are also various reports available throughout the system which will highlight all up-coming and overdue review dates.