Wednesday, 18 May 2016

12 Reasons to buy Ablyss CMS May – Reporting

When researching a new care planning system, your primary concern’s are usually: “Will my staff find it easy to use” and “Will it be compliant with CQC regulations”. A number of systems available on the market will tick both of these boxes, so its time to look a little deeper into each systems capabilities.

We believe that reporting is a key element to helping you run your care home efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis, and so we have a number of useful inbuilt systems within CMS for both existing residents, archived residents and specific resident groups. Want up to the minute data? Or do you need a full or partial historical trail? The reports are there for you.

Here is a report showing a list of all FALLS which have occurred in a specified period (in this case, the previous 6 months)

As well as the reports already actively available in CMS, if you want something that is not there, you can either create your own report, or ask our support team to do it for you.

All reports can be printed, viewed on screen, emailed, or saved as a PDF, Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

There is also a quick access point for emergency reporting, for example something to be sent along to hospital with one of your residents. At the click of a single button, your staff can run a full, pre-defined, report set.