Friday, 22 July 2016

CMS Version 6 Revision 3

Earlier this month we released a new version of CMS. Hopefully you've all updated now, but just in case you haven't or if you just wanted a reminder of some of the new features, here are some of the highlights....

Silent Updater

Yes, it sounds deadly, but we hope this new feature will make your life easier. Traditionally, whenever a new version of CMS is released you need to update each machine on your network and we know that this can be a real pain, especially if you need to contact your IT company to do this.
Once you have downloaded the new version, CMS will store offline versions of the new files so that any the machines on your network will automatically update without you having to do a thing!

There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of:
1. This great new feature will only work after you have updated  CMS on each machine (yes, sadly you won't see any time saving on this release but you will in the future)
2. The update will occur only if CMS has been closed so that it won't interupt you whilst you using it.


We have introduced a new feature that will allow you to set review dates against vitals. This feature is specific to each individual category, so you can set a review reminder for your weights but perhaps not for your fluids. Any vital set with a reminder will appear, as expected, on your shift handiver screen:

Tablet Offline

With this version we have looked to improve the online / offline functionality of the CMS Tablet by introducing the Always Work Offline button.
If Wi-Fi is not strong throughout the home we recommend that you turn this feature ON as you will find that the tablet will run much more quickly. When this feature is enabled, you will always record information offline and when you either log in or out (depending on your synch settings) all your data will be updated (provided there is a Wi-Fi signal). You can of course force a synch at any time by clicking the Synch button 

Want to find out more? Why not read our release notes